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Play the embedded zidane-head- butt- game (scroll down the page).
or, relive your favorite match;
Third place final;

Round two;
France-Spain june 27
Ghana-Brazil june 27
Ukraine-Switzerland june 26
Australia-Italy june 26
Netherlands-Portugal june 25
Ecuador-England june 25
Mexico-Argentina june 24
Sweden-Germany june 24

Round one;
Group G; Togo-France june 23
Group G; Switzerland-Korea Republic june 23
Group H; Ukraine-Tunisia june 23
Group H; Saudi Arabia-Spain june 23
Group F; Japan-brazil june 22
Group F; Croatia-Australia june 22
Group E; Ghana-United States june 22
Group E; Czech Republic-Italy june 22
Group C; Netherlands-Argentina june 21
Group C; Ivory Coast-Serbia and Montenegro june 21
Group D; Portugal-Mexico june 21
Group D; Iran-Angola june 21
Group B; Paragua-Trinidad and Tobago june 20
Group B; Sweden-England june 20
Group A; Ecuador-Germany june 20
Group A; Costa Rica-Poland june 20
Group H; Spain-Tunisia june 19
Group H; Saudi Arabia-Ukraine june 19
Group G; Togo-Switzerland june 19
Group G; France-South Korea june 18
Group F; Brazil-Australia june 18
Group F; Japan-Croatia june 18
Group E; Italy-United States june 17
Group E; Czech Republic-Ghana june 17
Group D; Portugal-Iran june 17
Group D; Mexico-Angola june 16
Group C; Netherlands-Ivory Coast june 16
Group C; Argentina-Serbia and Montenegro june 16
Group B; Sweden-Paragua june 15
Group B; England-Trinidad and Tobago june 15
Group A; Ecuador-Costa rica june 15
Group A; Germany-Poland june 14
Group H; Tunisia-Saudi Arabia june 14
Group H; Spain-Ukraine june 14
Group F; Brazil-Croatia june 13
Group G; France-Switzerland june 13
Group G;South Korea-Togo june 13
Group E;Italy-Ghana june 12
Group E; United States-Czech Republic june 12
Group F; Australia-Japan june 12
Group D; Angola-Portugal june 11
Group D; Mexico-iran june 11
Group C; Serbia and Montenegro-Netherlands june 11
Group C; Argentina-Ivory Coast june 10
Group B; Trinidad and Tobago-Sweden june 10
Group B; England-Paraqua june 10
Group A;Poland-Equador june 9
Group A; Germany-Costa Rica june9

Use your mouse to move Zidane, click for a headbutt.

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